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Come Play in Clay!!!

Welcome to my studio​
~I can accommodate 2-3 students in a given class...I want you each to have plenty of opportunity to watch and learn as well as have hands on time.
~We will do the class in 3 sessions so you can throw the piece(s), then trim them and finally glaze them. I can also do the trimming for you if you prefer. I allow 4-5 hours for the first session for plenty of time to create!!
~Gather a few friends for a few nights usually involved!
~Great for mother/daughter time or perhaps a birthday party for you and your BFF!




The Basics
~Approaching the clay slowly



~This is her first time throwing, and she has never done anything like it before...but she was a fantastic student!
~See how she has her elbows on her knees? Connecting!
And see how her thumb is reaching out to touch the other hand? Connecting!
Connecting helps you to stay steady and not wobble, keeping the clay centered and symmetric as you work.

~Carol made a lovely bowl that was symmetric...a very challenging feat on the first go at a blue-purple glaze that was simply perfect for her Thanksgiving table!
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